A New Music Collective

Publishing and Development

Our goal is to run the best music publishing and production company. We want to write songs for numerous artists whom we will help to develop a career. We write in numerous styles and so hope to work with many different acts of all different kinds. We hope to establish a number of artists and help them get record contracts, etc.

Of course, as we sign more artists we won't be able to write all of the music for every album (or even single) and so would like to sign other songwriters to our publishing company, but again this is slightly longer term.

We want to work with a number of singers, musicians, writers, producers, music video directors, graphic designers, costume designers, artist managers, etc. as part of a new music collective. From the people in the collective we would select the ones we personally wanted to work with initially and develop the chosen artist with their help.

We are based in Romford, Essex, London, England,  but we do work occasionally in other music hubs like New York, Los Angeles or Nashville.

We would like to see a return to the time when musical talent was encouraged to develop rather than rejected because it wasn't in a readily marketable package. We would like to work with serious people who do music because it's their passion, but who would also like to make a living out of it, not purely for the financial rewards but because they want to devote all of their time to their passion for music.

We also want to see a return to a time where people could love writing songs without wanting to be performers/ artists. Publishers used to match artists with professional writers who spent time perfecting their craft and writing songs that stood the test of time. While we're not suggesting that every song has to be "My Way" or Unchained Melody" we feel that there is still a place in the world for songwriters who don't perform and that many artists would benefit from singing such songs. Even established singer/songwriters sometimes sing other people's songs.

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