A New Music Collective

Maddening Music is a new music production and publishing company looking for new (or established) talent; writers, producers, artists, video directors, etc. Have you got what it takes?

We want to tie up quality UK songwriters and US songwriters, with suitable artists. We’re not interested in artists who exclusively write their own material. There are plenty of other outlets for that.

We’re also interested in producers who want to develop artists and writers.

And imaginative video producers with innovative ideas to support the artists

And anyone with an interest in working in the music industry, such as writers, producers, music video directors, graphic designers, costume designers, artist managers, etc.

We come from a slightly old fashioned world where record companies and music publishers developed and supported artists and writers rather than waiting for the finished, polished article to turn up so they could flick a switch at the factory and produce a finished product. We want to set up our own new independent music industry.

Are you a new songwriter with no wish to perform? Do you write words but no music? Or music but no words? Are you a singer who doesn’t write songs? Are you someone who loves studio technology and playing with sounds but don’t really write music? Do you have no specific musical talents but just want to be involved in the new independent music industry?

Then why not join us and make something special and unique? By joining together the talents of specialists rather than trying to make one person do everything we hope to produce superior recordings.

Do we want to make money? Of course we do. We're not here to pretend that artistic integrity is the be all and end all. Sure, there’s a place for it. But we all need to pay the bills. Personally speaking, we just love music. We don’t have a favourite style or artist. And we don’t think being “popular” or “arty” makes a good song bad, or a bad song good.

Who defines what’s good and bad anyway? Everyone has different tastes. And if it gives people pleasure then that’s surely what matters.

So it’s not about how much or how little money the song or artist will make. It’s about making it the best it can be; and then getting it to the people who love it and will want to buy it.

Of course, it all costs money so please follow this link if you’d like to make a donation to support the new independent music industry.

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