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Trying to put together a new independent music collective obviously costs money. Sure, in a collective everyone should work for the common good. But, hey, this is the real world. While we may find lots of people prepared to do just that there are always going to be gaps between the people we have and the people we need. and those gaps need to be filled with people who want paying. Top record producers like getting paid. Established radio pluggers like being paid. CD distributors and manufacturers like getting paid too. And so the list goes on. While the internet certainly helps I cannot think of a single artist who made it without the support of a professional somewhere along the line. So we need your help. It doesn't matter how much or how little you give. It all adds up and it all helps. Do you want to be involved in the music biz? Do you want to sponsor songwriters, or sponsor singers or artists? Do you want to make a contribution to the future of music? then click one of the buttons below to donate to the independent music industry in the currency of your choice.

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